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"A good walk, ruined." Maybe. But a nice stroll through grassy hills, playing a healthily competitive game with your mates sounds like a cracking way to spend the afternoon.

Alternatively, you could have a few whacks on the driving range then head into the bar. That sounds good too. Maybe do it the other way around and see if it improves your drive. (Hint: it won't).

Whether you're the budding Tiger Woods or you've got a loved one who dreams of hitting a hole-in-one, this is the perfect kit. It's everything any golfer could ever need. Except clubs (which are hard to fit in a tin) and balls (which they'll only lose anyway).

Suitable for:

- Driving range heroes.
- Hole-in-one dreamers.
- Golf-pro go-getters.

Golf club cleaning fluid - to keep them looking their best.

Golf club cleaning towel - to buff away the grass stains.

Golf tees - because they always seem to go missing.

Hand cream - calluses are a genuine sports injury, you know?

Muscle rub - it's a strenuous sport. Honestly.

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