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2022 Corporate Holiday Gifting Guide

How are you staying connected with your most valued clients and hard working employees? Holiday gifting can have a huge impact on showing others how much you care. You only get one chance to end the year on a high note with your most important relationships. 

Yes this has been a difficult time but Bright Boxes will insure that your business comes out on top. With the attention to detail we provide for our clients and the efficiency of our all star team, we will keep you connected.


Studies have shown that customers reported they were 79% more likely to do business with a same company after receiving a gift


of Bright Boxes corporate customers we surveyed, reported that sending gifts had made a positive impact on their business and that they will continue sending gifts through Bright Boxes in the future

With years of experience in the corporate gifting industry, we’ve set the standard for memorable gifting and building strong relationships. Here’s how we do it:

  • streamlined customization offerings for your company needs
  • hand selected products supporting small businesses and local artisans
  • hands on expertise every step of the way

CLICK HERE to view our 2022 Holiday Gifting Catalogue

We guarantee you the brightest of holidays in 202,

Jade & Genina

Bright Boxes Team

Full Service Gifting Partner

Full Service Concierge Project Management:

We will handle all the product procurement, quality control, packing, fulfillment and shipping.

Individual Shipping Fulfillment Services:

We will provide a list of tracking numbers for each individual package and will ensure on our end that everything arrives smoothly.

CLICK HERE to view our Holiday Catalogue
clients and testimonials

Chelsea Brooks
Over Cat

Bright Boxes combines exceptional service with out-of-the-box creativity. Their luxury gift baskets are carefully curated to surprise and satisfy even the pickiest client. We work with them any chance that we get and would recommend them to anyone.”

Debbie Shing
Quevé Group

"I have worked with Bright Boxes on corporate VIP gifts for an NHL hockey club, a leading Canadian wireless mobility provider, as well as a luxury car dealership. From customizing my gift boxes with special branding and individualized inserts, to making special delivery arrangements, Bright Boxes was able to complete my gift boxes on time, and handle my projects with ease. I love their prompt communication and feel that I am in the loop at each stage of my projects. I would entrust Bright Boxes with any of my future gifting tasks and would recommend their services to anyone!"

Anthony Siskos
Viral Nation

"It’s completely reassuring to know that at a moment’s notice Bright Boxes has been able to deliver the most quality gift boxes to our clients and employees globally. Whether it be for a holiday, birthday, passing, or a thank-you, Bright Boxes has been there to support our company and put smiles on faces with ease. Thank you so much for continuing to support us!"

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